Failsafe manufactures a wide range of converters. To help you select the correct product family just follow the truth table below:

For reverse converters (400Hz input, 50/60Hz output) & all military applications please contact us directly.

400Hz Output?
YES       NO
Internal USE or External (GPU) ?
Internal            External
Land or Marine?
Land        Marine
Cabinet or 19” Rack?
Cabinet         Rack
Input 3ph or 1ph?
3ph         1ph
Output 3ph or 1ph?
3ph        1ph
400Hz only or 400Hz + 28VDC?
400Hz only         400Hz + 28VDC
Output 3ph or 1ph?
3ph           1ph
28VDC Output?
YES        NO
50 to 60Hz or 60 to 50Hz?
YES               NO
Since 1985